Puissant has vast experience in executing projects in Afghanistan. Puissant has teams with technical expertise in the field of Telecom and Transmission Lines and other associated fields. Puissant has successfully executed several projects not only in Kabul but also in interior places and other cities of Afghanistan.

Puissant has provided turnkey solutions for:

  • Telecom Network Planning (RF, LOS Survey and Planning)
  • Survey, Design, Supply and Installation of Copper Cable Network for Landline network for Ministry of Communication and information Technology
  • Turnkey Projects for all Telecom Mobile Operators
  • Turnkey projects for Broad Casting Towers (Radio and TV)
  • Construction of Pre Stressed Structural Bridges across a river (5 nos) spanning from 30m to 50m
  • Installation and Commissioning of Passive equipment for Telecom Cell sites
  • Installation of MSC's and BSC's for Telecom (mobile) operators