Puissant Social Responsibility Policy:-

Respecting fundamental human rights:

  • It is Puissant policy to respect and promote fundamental human rights
  • Every Group company is, within its sphere of influence, expected to:
  • Eliminate any direct or indirect use of child labour or forced labour in its business activities
  • Protect the fundamental right of migrant workers
  • Prevent abuses of human rights, or any acts of complicity in such abuses
  • Prevent all forms of discrimination and promote diversity within all professional spheres and at all levels of the group
  • Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Social Responsibility:

Puissant group companies shall extend the support and works with local communities for the improvement of the following areas in nearby villages:

  • Primary education
  • Drinking water supply
  • Contribution to village electrification
  • Employment to the local / rural youth
  • Supporting to the NGO's for village plantation

Environmental, Health and Safety: Puissant to

  • Protect and maintain the environment, health and safety of employees, customers, and members of our local communities
  • Integrate environmental, health and safety programs and practices to address the regulations applicable to our operations
  • Ensure continual improvement of our EHS system
  • Prefer product manufacturing, operation & maintenance and service processes and products that minimize waste, prevent pollution, and minimize health and safety risks
  • Communicate EHS awareness and policy, the benefits of compliance through EHS system to employees, customers, contractors and other stake holders


All group companies of Puissant shall ensure the compliance with all national/local and other applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental, occupational safety and health, transportation and labor and human resource practices

Labor and Human Resources:
  • Wherever Puissant conducts its business activities, shall ensures the compliance with all local labor and human resource laws and regulations, including those related to minimum wages and factories act requirements
  • Workforce – related performance
    • Ensuring health, Safety and quality of life in the workplace
    • Creating permanent jobs and fostering career development
    • Local employment
    • Petty contracts /WO to local contractors
    • Developing dialogue between management and labor
    • Integrating social factors in the value chain
    • Ensuring respect for human rights
    • Compliance to the statutory, legal and other applicable local legislations

Promoting diversity and equality:

Puissant focuses on bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds with a broad range of experience. We also pursue a proactive equality policy rooted in our principles of combining all types of discrimination in hiring and labor relations.

Particularly discrimination against women, caste, religion, language, disabled people, Older people and migrated people from other states